It starts with imagination


It could be ours or yours. We have plenty to spare and we're sure that you do, too. Is there something in your dreams that you just want to see in reality? Something that you've seen in reality and you dream of having it? A special person who deserves a unique gift or an occasion that needs just the right thing to make it perfect? 

We love to create, even more so when we know someone special will receive and love it. Imagined or witnessed, new or old, upcycled or recycled we are ready for your challenge. Browse our design book for inspiration or share your inspiration with us. We can usually complete commissions within a  week, if we have the materials on hand. 

Please, just ask.



Always love


The greatest of these is love.​

Listen to the voice that told me, "Always love."

A heart's a heavy burden.

We choose love. Love of each other, of childhood, the environment, the planet. Experiences over things, relationships over possession. 

To love our customers, we choose the best quality products, the best materials and make each item with care. We picture each shirt, muslin, wand or crown being used and loved for many years by you, your children, your grandchildren and your dearest friends. We want to make something that will last and passed on.

Like the items we make, we want the planet to last forever, to be experienced used and loved by generations to come. So we choose low impact dyes and to upcycle clothes and items whenever we can. By washing and reusing our dyeing supplies and conserving water, we hope to maintain a sustainable business and to share that sustainability with you.




How we started


We've always been a crunchy kind of family. Or wiftyfarkle, or alternative. Some even say weird, we prefer unique. We're homeschoolers and travelers, environmentalists and makers. We love to create, we love to care. And we love kids.

It took time to find a family venture to focus on. For a while it was making and baking. Then it was writing and then art. We still love those things, but dyeing and crafting combine what we love to do in the perfect ways. We make, we imagine, we care and we connect. And we get to share that with you.

Hippie Dips is the andeavour of Rosie (41) and Annie (13) and is lovingly supported by Vince and Jamie. And the three cats. And the dog. We are an all or nothing family after all.